Welcome to the 11th Annual Art and Photography Online Benefit Auction Event 

Thank You
Welcome all our new supporters! Thank you for checking out our annual online fundraiser auction. We hope you will find something exciting to purchase or bid-on! All funds are donated to Ending Cancer in Our Generation, a 501(c)3 not for profit, until the event’s end. This year to streamline my undiagnosed ADHD, I created graphics to illustrate the most important elements. I hope you enjoy them! Our opening ‘Back to Hogwarts’ event starts Sept 1st and our Facebook Page will have even more games, trivia and fun posted soon! I will also be posting them on a Magical Fun Page as well.
Love, Jetty
Ending Cancer in our Generation
17 year Extreme survivor of Glioblastoma Multiforme (brain cancer)
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This site is hosting this event free of charge.
Online Auction Instructions

It is easy to participate in our online Event!

1.) Check out the great items below, more coming Weekly!!
2.) Create a free account- This account can be used to track orders, digital downloads, and hopefully merge to the new community.
3.) Bid on items/ Buy Raffle tickets/ Purchase items – We will be taking donations until the 15th of September so please check back weekly for new items we receive.
Benefit Calendar
The whole month of September, we will be adding new art and items to the event. Please check back weekly as we will be taking donations until the 15th of September. Every purchase receives free entries into the event raffles to win items from the final GeekGear box. All auctions will last for 29 days from the post date. We will also be hosting a 50/50 Split the Cauldron drawing as well. On the 1st and 29th of September, we will be hosting games, trivia, coloring pages, etc for all to enjoy. We will post every weekend of the month more fun little extras to enjoy. On the 29th, the 50/50 and event drawing will be held and posted both on Facebook and here on this site.
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Shipped UPS Priority Mail with $50 insurance included

Winners are responsible for all shipping and insurance costs. Please see the USPS Postage Calculator website here to calculate the shipping costs :

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Spoonie shoppe

I am a Spoonie shoppe, I have a limited number of spell slots, I have limited resources, however you put it, I am tired a lot. However, I also know that I am a rare person in life and many others would love to be in my place right now, so I am working hard to make the world a better, more magical place. I try to package and ship within 48 hours of receiving and I re-use packaging and my fancier boxes as much as possible.

Donated to charity
100% Donated to charity during this event, EIN: 45-2676123

Like last year, Please do not message to split the boxes or to purchase one item out of the baskets. Baskets are shipped as is and the weight and size of each box are listed. This is simply due to having only one employee, me, to do this. 😊

Originally, I planned for only 10 baskets, but true to my form, I ended up making 17 total- which also happens to be the number of years since I was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme- making me an Extreme survivor! Please find our fundraiser baskets below, click to find photos of more items included within and feel free to send any questions through our email or social media accounts. Thank you again for all of your support. It truly means the world to me. <3

11th Annual Art and Photography Benefit Auction Event 

Art Related -100% Donated Sales

Wordsmith Digital Art Prints

All baskets are described to the best of my ability and are sold as is. At the time of donating, all items are in working condition to the best of my knowledge and I have tried to show open items in use where applicable. No items were removed from packaging if it would damage the items. We take donations of all variety of items from individuals, especially art and art supplies which are used for charity projects and programs. The item donations are gathered and formed into themed baskets which are auctioned to raise money for our annual scholarship and grant awards and programs. Given the nature of the charity event, all baskets are sold as is with no refunds are returns. I have included the size and weight dimensions to calculate shipping prior to bidding. Please see the USPS Shipping Calculator for more information on the cost of priority mail shipping.

**For the raffle tickets- all purchases will receive raffle tickets, but entries can also be received from entering our small trivia contests, designing a coloring page or by commenting with answers on the Facebook posts. The raffle will be drawn on September 29th, the official end of the benefit sales. Auctions will continue for the designated 29 days from all postings however- which means the raffle items will be drawn before the main auctions end. The winners will have the option to wait to ship their winning items if they are bidding or have them shipped immediately. **

This year we received some stunning art donations, and I would like to have a small thank you are for them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support. I truly appreciate being able to do this work and to make the world a more magical place.

Rae Jewelry Design

Rae Jewelry Design is one of my favorite places for unique and evolving wearable art. The pieces are handmade from upcycled leather belts and items, making these works, a wonderful green alternative to the mass-produced pieces available during the holiday season. Available on


See more on Facebook!

Check out their Facebook

Topal’s Treasures

To say it is going to be hard to not have these delicious scents in my studio would be a lie. The boxes that have these handmade soy intention candles within them smell DIVINE. Each candle is made with love and purpose and are available online and in person at Krueger’s Curiosities (Troy, IL) https://www.kruegerscuriosities.com/  and on their website at: http://Topalstreasures.com/

See more on Facebook!

Click to check out their Facebook Page

Anna Lee Therapy

While no offense to the other wonderful artists, but this artist donated and creates the kind of art that soothes my soul. I love everything about it- from the Sculpey critters to the massive cottage core, Alice in Wonderland, Mushroom Forest glassware pieces and everything in between. This shop has everything you need for that stoner, magic loving, crystal collecting – hippie in your life and all the pieces are handmade with love and care.

Pieces can be found on Facebook here:

Check out their Facebook page!

Matthew Fish

Matthew Fish is our Vice President and every year he coordinates various book fundraisers throughout the year to donate towards our scholarship and grant programs. This year we provided 4 brand new books including his newest photography novel All the Best Roads Still Lead West which includes over 80 full color photos as well as 5 Wordsmith prints from upcoming books. For more information or to purchase books that directly benefit our organization, please see his Amazon page here:

Check out his books on Amazon here


I make all kinds of hand made art and I am incredibly grateful that my art is featured through this nonprofit’s benefit. If there is an interest in more art from myself, it can be found right here on this site:

My art club
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Many items will be added as single items/grouped themes to our online Rummage sale everyday. I am currently editing so many photos. Check out what I have gotten up so far by clicking the image below *COMING SOON, will update this section when items are updated*

Online Rummage Sale
Online Rummage Sale- All proceeds donated to charity