Jetty’s Art Club

Ways to support me and my work for those that don’t love HP or pins, or whatever new art my ADHD has me creating. Join our club to learn more and be the first to get your own art page in our community when we roll that out hopefully this fall (Pandemic fingers crossed)

Join Jetty’s Art Club to be in the know, get special discounts, early access and exclusive artwork!

So, I was tasked to come up with a few ways to help me that are not related to ordering art directly from the site, and I decided it would be best to make a sort of ‘support me’ page. I do have a Patreon I have never used but I would definitely prefer to keep things more personal. I created Jetty’s Art Club to showcase more personalized areas of support. These would be monthly and would include a new piece of digital art with your subscription. There would be three tiers that fall at the $1, $5 and $20 price ranges and would include the previous levels benefits as well, much like a community funded project.

There are also a few other ways to help as well, you can share the nonprofit, which is always needed. You can sign up for my ‘when I remember to send it out’ newsletter where I talk about all the big plans I have for this site and this year. I have also made a page dedicated to ordering custom orders from me. This is always a big help as it allows me to focus my art ADHD on something that is actually bringing in money. HAHAHA!

I am planning to start streaming on Twitch, but I have never done this before so it is probably just going to be me working on art or the nonprofit, or if I can figure it out, playing ACNH early in the morning when no one else is awake! Then I can create a discord if people want that as well. I am up for suggestions on how to improve our club. 🙂

Please sign up below to be in the know for when I start Jetty’s Art Club. The tiers are represented below. If you have suggestions for cooler, or critiques on the rewards, please feel free to contact me. Thanks!!

As always, just sharing the nonprofit or this site around really does help immensely and I fully understand that not everyone can contribute, I still love you all for all your support. Thank you from the bottom of  my heart

This option is no longer available, please see eciog . Org for more information on how to join my 21+ membership