LitJoy and How Much I Love Being a Lunacorn

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LitJoy and Lunacorn Membership

I joined LitJoy’s Lunacorn program when I started working my job as a self care present. The program is $10 a month and every month 100 points ($10 equivalent) is earned that can be used in the store or for a membership.So, it literally pays for itself every month. There is a fun Facebook community of book lovers that is included and annually there is a free surprise as well as many, many more perks. I recently found out that I have a referral program link for this community and I could not recommend it any higher. I will give fair warning that if magical and book replicas are your thing, your bank account will not thank you for joining.  

Lunacorn membership items are NOT for resale. If joining the community please note this will result in expulsion and banning from the site. This includes all items that are free and Lunacorn exclusive and there are A LOT of exclusives including everything from pins to clothing. 
Jetty Kircher

LitJoy is split into two sections: Young Adult/TBR and Magical Items & Replicas. Please click the Header or the item gallery to see the current selection. <Note: items displayed may not be in stock> Subscriptions are quarterly and the TBR is brand new and I have yet to experience it. If you are interested in subscribing, click the images to be taken directly to LitJoy’s pages. TBR appears to have a lot of customization so there may be fewer items in the future. Magical items & Replicas are my weakness so I keep a lot of these items, I am working on downsizing and they will be placed in this area. 

Young Adult Subscription/TBR Items

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Magical Items and Replicas

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Like every sale on this site, LitJoy items will be included in the 50/50 split with the nonprofit Ending Cancer in Our Generation. Please click the kitty below to learn more about our community of people who have been affected by cancer. New Website roll out Q1 2023

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Other Magical items can be found in our magical shop including shirts, replicas and handmade magical art.