Sam, All the Best Roads Still Lead West – 20” X 30”


Sam, All the Best Roads Still Lead West – 20” X 30” Wordsmith digital art print- FREE shipping 


Sam- All the Best Roads Still Lead West

The final print Sam is the main character from 2020’s  All the Best Roads Still Lead West. “In the summer of 2019, a Photographer who has lost their way and a young woman who is losing her vision go on a meandering journey westward. Over the course of their travels, they both strive to connect and find happiness along the open road and the spectacular views of nature the trip affords them. All the Best Roads Still Lead West is a story about dealing with the difficulties that can often be found in life and holding onto the idea of hoping for better days ahead. Along with the story, the novel contains over eighty photographs from my own personal journey west. The idea was to create a compelling narrative revolving around the idea of travel and mix it with my love for photography.”


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Dimensions: 20”X30”

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