Art of Fighting Cancer Board Canvas Scroll Set- 53″ Long


53″ Long 3 canvas board acylic paintings from the Art of Fighting Cancer

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I have a bit of an obsession with wall scrolls, so combining these original board paintings from the original printing of The Art of Fighting Cancer: A Companion Guide to Jetty’s Brain Book written in 2011 into a wall scroll was the next step in their art evolution.
Included are the following pieces: ‘Agliophobia’- (9”x12”), ‘Radiation Ring’- (8”X10”), ‘Petechiae’- (9”x12”), in acrylic are combined with strips of hand painted brain shaped plastic award medals in three colors. It hangs from a knotted ribbon and has an extra hanging brain at the base.

These are absolutely one of a kind and can never be made again. Given the nature of the original art you would also be the proud owner of 3 pieces of original work from the book, a rare find as well!

Starting Bid: $30
Dimensions: ‘Agliophobia’- (9”x12”), ‘Radiation Ring’- (8”X10”), ‘Petechiae’- (9”x12”); from ribbon top: 53”

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Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 18 × 17 × 2 in


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