Order a Custom Piece of Artwork

I have run a custom art studio for 13 years now and it is an *experience* to say the least. I usually end up doing a lot of work for very little to no money at balance time or I end up spending weeks planning a project for it to fall through, usually after I have started purchasing supplies and completed basic mockups. However, I am very good at helping the inexperienced create that fun business card or helping add that handmade touch to your kitchen or nursery and I really enjoy doing it as well. Given my past experiences though, all custom orders must be paid ½ in advance *based on an estimated time or total budget cost *at the start of the project with the second ½ of the payment due within 48 hours of the invoice email date which will include the necessary shipping for physical products. I will include up to 2 revisions to the design during the creation stage. However, once final approval as been made and production begins, changes will incur an additional fee based on the time difference. As you can see from my art pages, I am experienced in several areas of art but digital art and painting are my two most popular categories with wedding based art a close third.

If all of that still sounds like a reasonable deal, and you’re interested in your own custom piece please fill out this form and I will get right back to you to find out how I can help bring your ideas to fruition.


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Please note that I charge at a $30 an hour rate minimum but may also take on per project based pricing as deemed applicable. I look forward to working with you.