Hello! In order to properly represent all things Jetty,  this site is split into three separate areas for ease of use: Magical items, Awesomeness, and personal art. Please see descriptions and click below to start shopping now. Thank you for visiting my site.  

Much Love, Jetty

Special Edition Cancerversary Pin Re-drop and Free Shipping Offer

This year for my seventeenth cancerversary, I am doing a special fundraiser with my special edition pin collection- a pushed drive due to missing the first drop. Since they are now unpacked from the move, I feel comfortable putting them up and opening the store back up. In order to make it special, I will be offering free shipping on all full set scrolls, and because I know not everyone collects pins, this year I am trying out free shipping on orders over $50. Also, I do not think I will make more than what is on hand, so this is a first come, first serve for most pins. The vote on Facebook showed Free shipping for the scrolls as the preferred perk, this is new to me, but I will make it work and make sure everyone has access to some perk. Please bear with me as I learn how to properly do this through this new hosting site/selling platform.

**NEW MAGICAL items have been added, due to Facebook technical difficulties , we will be extending our May Sale into June with extra secret additions to every order, stay tuned for more information! **

**Please note I will be trying to add more items to the store(s) and also some more artwork as well throughout the month of May to offer even more options. Chronic illness and pain are daily but in the past week, I have needed more breaks than usual so everything is delayed. I have MANY things to add but it takes a lot for me.**

**Also, the full back for the wall scroll with explanations have arrived from the printers and will be included will all orders. Individual pins do not have backing card explanations**

Thank you for checking out my fundraiser!

W.W.M.S.A.C. -Wizards, Witches, Muggles (and Squibs) Against Cancer: a Magical themed store full of both licensed and homemade magical items.

Crazy Jetty’s Amazing Emporium of Total Bucket List Madness- AKA Jetty’s Bucket List Shop: Where the other ½ of profits go to achieving bucket list goals and consists of both new and used regular items, like an online garage sale of awesomeness!

Jetty’s Personal Art Area

I do my absolute best to provide accurate measurements and descriptions, however, I do not guarantee anything to 100% accuracy for these post/item/works. As a GBM, brain cancer survivor, I am lucky I can even type, let alone try to write full descriptions and handle a store all by myself. 😛 If you have any issues with your order, please contact me as soon as possible so I can find a way to remedy it. Thank you again for looking at my work and helping me make a difference in the world.