New Magical Shirts

All Shirts are new, but have spent some time rolled up in a bin waiting for me to be able to get this store up and running. All shirts are from subscriptions services, and all are no longer in print. Where applicable, I kept any stickers on shirts intact. All shirts are $10 but have an online retail value between $24-$27 and would need to be imported from the UK with all those shipping costs. GeekGear subscription service has been discontinued along with these shirts.

please use coupon code: 50%off$10t-shirts

at checkout for the shown prices!!!

I ship USPS Priority mail with tracking and insurance up to $50, if your purchase is more than $50, I will bill the extra insurance through PayPal. When possible, I try to re-use my subscription boxes so that others can have themed boxes as well. However, depending on the size of your purchase this may not be possible. I receive rave reviews for my packing, and I take great pride in making sure your items get safely to you. I use online retailers to determine the fair market value for each item to make sure everything is priced fairly. If you have any questions, please check out the contact page to send them my way. Thank you again for taking the time to check out my store and work! Click to return to the HOME page and to return to the Magical Shoppe!