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Please contact me for questions or concerns/issues with order, through the shop email. For concerns/issues with the website, or general shop related concerns please complete the form below.

Please contact me through the nonprofit if you would like to connect for cancer guidance or resources.

There are few things I enjoy as much in the world as helping people realize their artistic vision and helping them complete those projects. My goal is to work with your ideas to help create exactly what you envision. Please contact me through our shop email for shop orders only. I have a special contact form here for custom orders as they require more personalized attention. If you are a cancer survivor or caregiver who would like to connect for resources or support, please do NOT use the shop email.

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Shop Contact Information

If you find an issue with the site, I would like to know ASAP so please use this for site administration issues: Help  @
If you have an issue with your order, please email me as soon as possible, so I can help find a solution. Please only use this email for orders: Orders  @
If you are seeking cancer guidance, please use our official nonprofit email: contact  @
W.W.M.S.A.C. Headquarters
Mendota, Illinois 61342
United States

Please understand that I run this site by myself, while also making all the pieces. I love creating  art and I love that I am still here making art, but it is very possible that there will be delays in communication from me. I will try to reply as soon as I am able to give it the full attention it deserves. Thank you for your understanding.

General Comments or Concerns. Again, please do NOT send order questions or concerns through this method as these need top priority. Sorry, were not even up and running yet and this is why we cannot have nice things. If you want to contact me, there will no longer be a convenient Contact Box, as y’all shithole scammers haven’t found your rightful place in hell yet sadly so it is gone.