Jetty’s Shop Art

I make a lot of little art pieces to try to raise money for the charity. Every piece will be limited, small batch runs. So, get them while they’re available.

Welcome to the store

My Art

Here is a mash up of the art that I have on my site right now that is not associated with a certain fundraiser. I will try to add more categories as I get smaller pieces scanned and added. Thank you for all of your support.




A place to sell the art that has been created using art pre cancer diagnosis. Every piece is a piece doctors said wouldn’t be possible again.

Who Benefits from this site?

This site always splits 50/50 between myself, Jetty, and the Ending Cancer in Our Generation Foundation. I love celebrating and raising some money for some programs! At the same time, the past 3 years has been ridiculously rough for me. With my health, I am only able to do this as a job and with the debacle that was trying to apply for disability as a nontreatment cancer survivor with all that comes with that and daily, constant pain, this is all I have got. 😊 September’s Annual Benefit, as always, will be 100% donated to the nonprofit. I do hope this is agreeable, I couldn’t see giving less than 50% as it’s my responsibility to raise enough money, so I thought 50/50 would be fair.

The Ending Cancer in Our Generation Foundation is an online community for anyone who has been affected by cancer to come together and create and share their art and stories. We are quite small, but we offer a $500 scholarship and a $250 grant every year to a cancer survivor and caregiver for an art related project or expense. We have a wonderful community that really comes together to try and make the world a better place. It is thanks to all of you that these pins are able to raise funds for our charity. Thank you for all your support.