2021 WWMSAC Magical Art Sale

You will find the following disclaimer on every listing:

DISCLAIMER (i.e. Better Safe than Sorry Later): This potion is NOT Edible. It will come sealed and should remain that way. This is a replica and it not intended for children or actual use. It is intended for collection/display purposes only. Keep out of reach of children or pets as it contains small parts. Thank you.

**Currently NO potions are edible and will be shipped sealed. They are decorative, inspired replicas and should not be used as toys.  When we release our edible potions, they will be labeled accordingly**

Thank you for looking at my magical art. I really appreciate all the support and custom orders are always accepted. I made a deal with myself, since these potions cause me high levels of stress, that I would make only what I have supplies for/already made. So these are INCREDIBLY limited, as in if 4 full sets sell, that will be all that could ever be bought as full sets. Some potions have a few as THREE left!

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I ship USPS Priority mail with tracking and insurance up to $50, if your purchase is more than $50, I will bill the extra insurance through PayPal. When possible, I try to re-use my subscription boxes so that others can have themed boxes as well. However, depending on the size of your purchase this may not be possible. I receive rave reviews for my packing, and I take great pride in making sure your items get safely to you. I use online retailers to determine the fair market value for each item to make sure everything is priced fairly. If you have any questions, please check out the contact page to send them my way. Again, thank you for taking the time to check out my Magical Shoppe, make sure to check back often for more items, as I will be adding them weekly as new subscription boxes arrive.

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