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Note on Shipping Issues from 04/2021

UPDATED: Shipping MAY be fixed. I have fought with it for a few more days and I THINK I may have fixed it!

Please note:

IF you want all the pins, please buy the whole pin set, as shipping is less with their calculator.

Just in case Shipping breaks/is still breaking I will leave my notes below:

“After a complete month of fighting with the programming and finding out I would need to pay $69 for the first year and then $140 the next year in order to even get the option to get help since Woo Commerce is a free plug-in. I know I am not the best programmer but there is literally no reason why shipping from Ottawa to Ottawa for a 10 oz. USPS Priority Mail test shipping box should cost $25 and to Hawaii is only $29! I have now wasted this whole month that I could have been spending fundraising either being sick or fighting with shipping. Point is: I am finally giving up. Every purchase will need to have its shipping costs adjusted and it will be refunded upon shipment. I cannot apologize enough for this inconvenience, but I am apparently not smart enough to use the free store plug in. “Much Love, Jetty

P.S. Sorry the product pages look so bad. I cannot get them to fix. 🙁