My Magical-Art- Potions- Blood Replenishment Potion


My Magical-Art-

Potions Replicas- Blood Replenishment Potion with handmade charm and custom designed labels.

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My Magical-Art-

This Potions Replica is part of a hand made small batch set of potions and once they sell out they will never be made again. Get back the blood you have lost. This is a MUST for your magical medicine cabinet! Each bottle is unique and one of a kind, made by hand, by me. This Potion comes in a 4.5 inch (approx.) tall bottle filled with thick bloody potion, lined with twine, custom designed potion labels and accents, and features a handmade Sculpey blood drop charm and cork. Since every potion is hand made, each one will be unique and one of a kind. So, why not stock up on a potion or two, or why not all twelve, while they last!

PRICING: $10.50

Just to reiterate:
DISCLAIMER (i.e. Better Safe than Sorry Later): This potion is NOT Edible. It will come sealed and should remain that way. This is a replica and it not intended for children or actual use. It is intended for collection/display purposes only. Keep out of reach of children or pets as it contains small parts. Thank you.

HANDMADE and IMPERFECT- Just to reiterate these items are all handmade and they will each be unique and individual.

Potion Size (approx.): 4.5″ Tall

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2.75 × 2.5 in


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