Nevernight Page Flags- NEW in packaging


Nevernight Page Flags- NEW in packaging

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Nevernight Page Flags- NEW in packaging-

Page flags are the best way to easily mark your book without damage, the area of the report you need to go back to later or just to flag a task you need to complete. These super fun flags, and sticky notes come in four different shapes and sizes. Plus you’ll be sharing your love of this epic series every time you use these Nevernight sticky notes in all areas of your life. From LitJoy Crate’s © Jay Kristoff Collection.


-Comes with 30 sheets of each size of the larger sticky notes and 20 page flags of each design in red, black and white
-Phrases included: You’ve Got Words in Your Soul, Never Flinch, Never Fear, Never Forget, and Gentlefriend as well as four different variations of shadow daemons including cat, snake, wolf, and crow.

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