GeekGear Exclusive Unique Wands Sempramadrea Wand


GeekGear Exclusive Unique Wands Sempramadrea Wand with  box and info card included- NEW

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A GeekGear Exclusive Unique Wands Sempramadrea Wand. This wand was designed exclusively for GeekGear by an in-house wizard at GeekGear.  It comes with its original box and has never been used or displayed. A lovely warm wood, carved in a rough layered wood design leading to a bright blue sphere encasing sapphire dust and a cheeky little notch in the wood addition part way down. It has a very rustic, handmade, natural feeling to it.


The card will be shipped outside of the box as it does NOT fit into the box on this wand design, I think this is a big design flaw in the Unique Wands (only the limited edition wands have large boxes).


Status: New with Box and Card with Following wand Info:

Length: 13 & 3/4 Inches
Core: Sapphire Dust
Wood: Twisted Ash

Brand: Unique Wands by GeekGear


This Brand of wands is not made of wood, but I do not know what they are made from. They are well made for art wands, however, I do not, personally, place them at the same quality as my Nobel Collection wands from Universal.  Just wanted to add that on here for those unfamiliar with this brand.



**Please note that I do not believe that these wands are intended to be toys. They have intricate designs and painted on extra details that I cannot attest to standing up to any type of play. If buying to cosplay, I think they would probably do fine, but I would recommend caution and when not in use, displaying instead. **

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 14.25 × 2 × 1 in


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