GeekGear Exclusive Unique Wands Beta Wand


GeekGear Exclusive Unique Wands Beta Wand with box and PRINTED info card included- NEW

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A GeekGear Exclusive Unique Wands Beta Wand. This wand was designed exclusively for GeekGear by an in-house wizard at GeekGear. It comes with its original box and has never been used or displayed. It is a three part split wand with a beautiful carved golden pattern, an emerald green twist and a blue gem lined replica pearl end cap. The detail is beautiful and the layers transition seamlessly.


The original card was lost during the move, a printed replacement card will be washi taped to the top of the box. Also every box arrives to me cosmetically damaged (except the special edition larger boxes), the box edges are flimsy and the construction makes it easily crushed on the overseas trip. However, all boxes still fold and hold the wands fine, although the washi tape barely holds them closed with the bubble wrap.


Status: New with Box and Card with Following wand Info:

Length: 13 & 3/4 Inches

Core: Emerald Dust

Wood: Mahogany

Brand: Unique Wands by GeekGear


This Brand of wands is not made of wood, but I do not know what they are made from. They are well made for art wands, however, I do not, personally, place them at the same quality as my Nobel Collection wands from Universal.  Just wanted to add that on here for those unfamiliar with this brand.


**Please note that I do not believe that these wands are intended to be toys. They have intricate designs and painted on extra details that I cannot attest to standing up to any type of play. If buying to cosplay, I think they would probably do fine, but I would recommend caution and when not in use, displaying instead. **

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Weight 4.5 oz
Dimensions 14.25 × 2.25 × 1.25 in


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