All 12 Pins and Hand Painted and Awl Punched Wall Scroll


Use coupon code: 17YEARS to get free shipping on this set for a limited time only!


That’s right! You can get all 12 pins and the wall scroll for one low price with a FREE hand painted, hand Awl punched wall scroll!  Included are all 12 of our Special Edition Pins including:  1 Year Cancerversary, 5 Year Cancerversary, 10 Year Cancerversary, U.S.J., We wouldn’t be here without you, The Kairi Love Grant for Caregivers and Friends Shake and Raddle, Graduating, Twice!, Happy Birthday ECOG!, The Ram Scholarship for the Arts Palette, Failure is well known, Love, Love, Love, and Well, it all started with a brain…

Each scroll has been hand painted with glittery paint and each one is unique. It includes 12 areas where the pins can be displayed and we have even Awl punched some holes to make it even easier to display your newest works of art.


Use Coupon code: 17YEARS to get FREE Shipping on this set for a limited time only!




Graciously donated by LitJoy- beautiful Deep Blue, they have been slightly modified for my designs but still maintain the original boxes for the 12 different designs as this is how I originally envisioned them. LitJoy is not a sponsor of this event, nor do they have any relationship with our charity. Full Disclosure: I reached out to them after reading about their misprint issue, they allowed me to pay shipping on these unusable items for them and beautifully upcycle them for a wall scroll for these pins. Win – Win for everyone. I am however, a highly active Lunacorn and I adore LitJoy. I wanted to add those disclosures.

Additional information

Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 3.5 in


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